Allie + Matt :: Wedding Highlight

This wedding in Victor at the Ravenwood Country Club was a wonderful wedding event full of loving family and friends. Allie and Matt are a cute couple as they enjoyed their day totally immersed in one another. You can see it radiate out of them.

– Mike

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Carly + Steve :: My James Bond

Carly and Steve’s wedding at the Lafayette Hotel in Downtown Buffalo New York, was a blast. We had a fun day following them around as the laughed, cried, shared, danced and celebrated with family and friends. Party Of Nine was their band for the reception and I have to say, they are one of our favorite live wedding bands we have seen, hands down. The vibe and energy from the day was just so full of life and love. Don’t even get me started on their vows.

– Mike

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Andrianette + Jake :: Pinky Promise

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hen I met Jake and Andy for coffee on Park Ave in Rochester, I had no idea that this cute, quiet couple would pack such an emotional punch. Both of them are head over heels in love and just it flows out of them. Personally I love it when couples write their own vows, it’s very personal and touching. But these two are just so poetic it makes me sick… in a good way. We had a stunning day to shoot at the Avon Inn. Now originally we were going to do a first look, Andy loved the idea but the night before Jake realized he didn’t want to see Andy before the ceremony. So to compromise we did a first look… but without the look. We blind folded both Jake and Andy and then walked them down to the park a block away. We have never done anything like that and it was just a picture perfect moment. Hope you all enjoy this highlight!

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Nikki + Brett

If you were to look up in the dictionary “Classy Couple”, Nikki and Brett would be at the top of the list. A very put together couple but love an adventure. Brett is a huge fan of home brews and alcohol so the setting of having the reception at Pearl Street Brewery in Buffalo, NY was perfect. Nikki was like the Barbie Doll in Toy Story who just smiled all day long. They both were like the Energizer bunny wedding couple.

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Lexi + Eric :: Wedding Highlight

Lexi and Eric sent me an email one week before their wedding saying their wedding videographer had canceled on them… the nerve. So we swung in to rescue the. Then, the night before the wedding I (mike) cut my foot and had to get 10 stitches on my right big toe. Lexi has a medical doctorate and offered to take a look at it but thankfully the ER doc had taken good care of the cut. So the whole day I hobbled around with my toe in a bandage the size of my fist, all the while hyped up on Starbucks espresso and Advil. Lexi and Eric were very understanding and in spite of it, we shot an awesome wedding day! Set on Geneva lake at Belhurst Castle this wedding was fun, laid back and classy.

[vimeo 67332185 800 450]

Johanna + Josh :: Wedding

Johanna has been a good friend of mine for several years. When she emailed me about filming her wedding I was immediately excited. I knew she would have a gorgeous wedding. She is very hands on and DIY. She didn’t disappoint  She made all the bouquets and details of the wedding. With an outside ceremony in a beautiful field near their farm on the rolling landscape of Tennyson Indiana and a reception is a lovely party house it was a great day. For a march wedding it was a little windy and chilly but thankfully no rain. And the cloudy sky just made all the lighting for the ceremony very even and calm. Check out the highlight reel below!


When we premiered Marisa Krol’s film back in December at a Rochester First Friday event (Click here to see her film) we met Tanvi Asher. Tanvi is a local fashion designer with her own line called Peppermint. Tanvi saw Marisa’s film and contacted myself that week. She said she wanted us to document her and two other artist as they designed, made and premiered  their collections for the 2013 Peppermint Origins: Sewn Seeds runway show. Tanvi wanted to create an event that exudes good design and created an atmosphere where people could appreciate art, fashion, design and local business. Miss Asher also wanted to share this event with others, so she asked her friends Andrea Geer and Josean vargas to join her and make a collection for the show. Andrea and Josean each made 10 pieces for their collections and Tanvi had the undertaking of 20 pieces. Our job was to then create a 3-4 minute film for each of the artists to show just before their collection walked down the runway. Here they are:

We will be revealing their runway collections very soon so stay tuned.

Paul + Michelle

Paul and Michelle’s wedding was probably one of the most fun weddings I have personally filmed. First off here is a recipe for a great wedding film:

1 – Happy people – (Seriously, Paul and Michelle were smiling all day and it never stopped)

2 – Sunshine – Good natural lighting always helps make a great wedding video. Every venue had awesome lighting which gave our shots that magic touch. 

3 – A story – Paul and Michelle have an amazing story and they are very vocal about it. Their passions like the Boston Celtics or Pauls love for McDonalds is very evident as their traits as a couple. It makes it easier for us to help tell their story when they are so free about sharing it.

Ceremony: Holy Cross Church

Reception: Casa Larga

Photography: Lora Ann Photography

[vimeo 56566819 800 450]

Rebekah + Nathan

This fairytale-feel wedding was a grand day to partake in. Full of elegance with vintage vibes. Rebekah loves old, classic love stories and wanted her wedding to reflect that. The reception location at Statler City in downtown Buffalo New York was absolutely stunning. We felt transported back to the 1930s!

Erin + Rocky

When it comes to have a party + a wedding we would suggest getting advice from Erin + Rocky. A fun packed day with a fun, good looking couple makes it easy to be a wedding film maker. And the last week of September is a perfect time of year to have a wedding, with the leaves in the midst of changing color. The reception at Locust Hill Country Club was flawless, they have a tremendous staff and the grounds were absolutely beautiful for pictures.