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We know every couple is different, so that means we want each of our films to reflect each couple. All our films are custom and nothing is based on a template. We always like to get to know our couples before booking anything and to give you a feel for what you are getting. Below are some of the things included in the final film. Contact us about pricing, availability and any other questions you might have. 


A highlight reel is a great way to share your wedding with family and friends soon after the ceremony. This is a 3-5 minute film that shows all the major events from your wedding. Usually set to music, this short film contains a mix of sound bytes and shots from the day.


As a whole your wedding day is generally pretty long, and no one wants to sit through a 4 hour film. A documentary film runs about one hour or more and chronologically contains all the events of the day fully edited. Starting with preparations, on to the ceremony, photo sessions, reception and lastly, the final farewells.


Our feature films are our pride and joy. We do our absolute best with putting your feature film together. Containing footage from the entire event and thoroughly edited, this film will usually run about 10-25 minutes and tell the story of you as a couple in the best way possible. Unlike the chronological format of the “Documentary Film”, a feature film will unveil the beautiful love story of your wedding in a cinematic style.


Often times when it comes to the editing, there are some shots and footage we are unable to fit into the edit due to lack of story, long winded guests or other issues. The full content disc(s) allows you to be able to have all the footage we record from the wedding on a additional disc(s). They can sometimes run a few hours and are not edited but you will have everything you could ever want. All shots either good, great, bad or ugly.