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Andrianette + Jake :: Pinky Promise

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hen I met Jake and Andy for coffee on Park Ave in Rochester, I had no idea that this cute, quiet couple would pack such an emotional punch. Both of them are head over heels in love and just it flows out of them. Personally I love it when couples write their own vows, it’s very personal and touching. But these two are just so poetic it makes me sick… in a good way. We had a stunning day to shoot at the Avon Inn. Now originally we were going to do a first look, Andy loved the idea but the night before Jake realized he didn’t want to see Andy before the ceremony. So to compromise we did a first look… but without the look. We blind folded both Jake and Andy and then walked them down to the park a block away. We have never done anything like that and it was just a picture perfect moment. Hope you all enjoy this highlight!

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