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Lexi + Eric :: Wedding Highlight

Lexi and Eric sent me an email one week before their wedding saying their wedding videographer had canceled on them… the nerve. So we swung in to rescue the. Then, the night before the wedding I (mike) cut my foot and had to get 10 stitches on my right big toe. Lexi has a medical doctorate and offered to take a look at it but thankfully the ER doc had taken good care of the cut. So the whole day I hobbled around with my toe in a bandage the size of my fist, all the while hyped up on Starbucks espresso and Advil. Lexi and Eric were very understanding and in spite of it, we shot an awesome wedding day! Set on Geneva lake at Belhurst Castle this wedding was fun, laid back and classy.

[vimeo 67332185 800 450]

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